Support Default Joomla!

Another remarkable feature of JSN Megazine is style for default Joomla!. Furthermore extended style for JSN ImageShow, JSN Megazine also displays beautifully default Joomla! content by optimized front-end designs for Content components, Users components, Contact components and Search Components.

Menu Variations

JSN Megazine has flexible menu items with logical groups of parameters which allows user to create sub menu and dropdown menu on responsive layout. The template also provides 3 menu styles to help menu items to be displayed nicely for better UX, they are Main menu, Side menu, and Tree menu. 

Mega Menu

Side Menu

Tree Menu

Pre-built Pages

The same as sample data feature of JSN templates, JSN Megazine also has pre-built page template to helps you build your website faster and easier. All pre-built pages are well designed and styled for clear and clean concept. Some unique page samples should be mentioned are Coming Soon page, Contact page or About Us page.

6 Colors Variations

The main color of JSN Megazine is Green, and there are 6 color variations which are Blue, Green, Red, Violet, Orange and Yellow. These color options are styles for important elements such as icon, button, logo, menu item or content background. They make delicate changes in layout styles and keep the main concept staying the same.

Multiple Colors

6 delicate theme colors to please your eyes

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