After the successful release of JSN PageBuilder 3, JoomlaShine would like to give a big thanks to users who immediately put their trust on the product. We have a special gift for customer who buy JSN PageBuilder 3

right after our release announcement until September 30, 2017. It is 1 more years support subscription, this offer show our gratitude on all positive reaction from JoomlaShine community.

In addition, there will be a great motivation for Joomla users who are considering to choose the right Joomla composer extension. From October 07 to October 23, JoomlaShine will give 20% discount coupon with extra 6 months support to customer who buy JSN PageBuilder 3 developer subscription. This is our special welcoming announcement for new version of JSN PageBuilder 3, which will be released in October 06. There are some upcoming features that help to build more friendly Joomla website pages with stronger visual efficiency. Background parallax and Instagram button is two of many remarkable new functions. The page builder extension will also be more active with animation update for elements.

Another worth waiting new update about JSN PageBuilder 3 is there will be a trial version that allows users to utilize nearly full features of dev version. The trial page builder can run directly on user’s website, it’s also available for sample data of all JSN templates, with both free and pro subscription.

As our mention above, JSN PageBuilder 3 after the successful release will continues with innovative upgrades and attractive offers in October. Let’s explore the trial version, and support us by your engagement or giving feedback to make the tool more complete.



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